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Get Yours Now: BMW 320si Saloon

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Get Yours Now: BMW 320si Saloon
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Special Model with the DNA of Motorsport: The BMW 320si Saloon
Source: BMW Group

BMW now offers the customer with a particular penchant for motorsport a limited edition version of the 3 Series Saloon restricted to a total production volume of just 2,600 units: the BMW 320si. Featuring the M Sports Package and 18-inch wheels in the same design as the racing version, this special model boasts a fast-revving 2.0-litre four-cylinder power unit developing maximum output of 127 kW/173 bhp at 7000 rpm. This kind of power ensures a top speed of 225 km/h or 140 mph and acceleration to 100 km/h in just 8.1 seconds.


Exclusivity in Limited Edition.
Over and above a sporting suspension set-up, the M Sports Package featured as standard on this special model comprises BMW's Aerodynamics Package with modified bumpers and side-sills, sports seats, an M leather steering wheel, an M footrest, foglamps and interior trim in aluminium. Further standard features are 18-inch wheels running on 225/40R18 tyres at the front and 255/35R18 tyres at the rear. The radial-styling 216 rims measuring 8 and, respectively, 8.5 inches in width and proudly bearing the BMW Motorsport logo come from BMW's FIA World Touring Car Championship (WTCC) racing car.
Apart from the mirror caps in high-gloss satin chrome, the chrome-plated exhaust tailpipe also shows the connoisseur that this is the very special BMW 320si. And the red zone in the rev counter starting at 7300 rpm and ranging all the way to 8000 rpm again proves that this 3 Series is indeed a very special car.
In addition to the six colours generally available on the 3 Series Saloon with the M Sports Package, the 320si is also available exclusively in Carbon Black Metallic.


Fast-Revving Power Unit with Motorsport Technology.
The heart of this exclusive limited edition model is the high-speed four-cylinder power unit displacing 2.0 litres and developing maximum output of 127 kW/173 bhp at 7000 rpm as well as peak torque of 200 Nm/147 lb-ft at 4250 rpm.
Compared with the regular production model, cylinder bore is up by 1.0 mm to 85 mm or 3.35", while stroke has been reduced by 2.0 mm to 88 mm or 3.46". Instead of cast-in grey-cast-iron liners, the pistons run in special aluminium-alloy liners stacked into the engine block. Further signs of distinction on the crankdrive are the stiffer connecting rods as well as a reinforced bedplate structure.
In creating this high-speed power unit, BMW's engine development specialists intentionally decided not to use BMW's fully variable VALVETRONIC valve drive. Instead, they opted for conventional valve management with two overhead camshafts, rocker arms and four valves per cylinder. Doing without numerous moving components in this way, the valve drive guarantees a high standard of stiffness and precision even at extremely high engine speeds both in the limited edition model and in racing.


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