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BMW Z4 Concept Car

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BMW Z4 Concept Car
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World Debut at the 2005 Frankfurt Motor Show:
The BMW Z4 Coupé Concept Car
Source: BMW Group

A genuine pacemaker for the sports car aficionado in every respect:
At the 61st International Motor Show in Frankfurt BMW is proudly presenting the Concept Version of a closed sports car which gives dreams a name:
the BMW Z4 Coupé.

Glistening silken-matt like a powerful sculpture made of solid aluminium, the Z4 Coupé fascinates the beholder, emanating a flair of true power and agility. Indeed, this car, one of the most exciting world debuts at the 2005 Frankfurt Motor Show, clearly bears out the motto this year’s event, the largest of its kind in the world: the Thrill of Motoring.


The Z4 Coupé Concept Car makes the heart of the sports car enthusiast quite literally skip a beat, right from the start whetting your appetite to go out there on the road: extremely driver-oriented in every respect and designed without the slightest compromise for agility and dynamic performance, the Z4 Coupé appeals to all your emotions. This is the kind of car only BMW engineers and designers could create, a two-seater to which they have given all their passion. So creating this unique car, BMW is once again setting new trends in design, motoring concepts and technology – trends which later will be found again in series production.

The World’s Most Advanced Six-Cylinder is Waiting for the Signal To Go.
The long and sleek engine compartment lid, the passenger cell moved far to the rear, as well as short overhangs front and rear, through their specific proportions, clearly visualise those outstanding attributes typical of BMW:
A longitudinally mounted straight-six power unit developing its superior muscle beneath the bonnet and conveying its power for supreme driving dynamics to the rear axle. In conjunction with the long wheelbase and, as a result, the emphasis on the rear end of the car with its centre of gravity visibly moved to the rear, this muscular Coupé looks as if it is about to pounce and take off even when regarded at a standstill.

The Concept Car is powered by BMW’s 3.0-litre straight-six already lauded by a number of the most renowned international awards – an engine which has become a genuine icon marking BMW’s leadership in innovation in engine technology. In its latest generation with a composite magnesium/aluminium crankcase, VALVETRONIC valve control, and numerous other technical innovations, this six-cylinder is definitely one of the most advanced power units in the world in general and in its segment in particular. At the same time it marks the pinnacle in output and performance: Developing 65 kW or 88 hp per litre, BMW’s three-litre offers the highest level of specific output in its class. And as the world’s lightest six-cylinder with a power-to-weight ratio of 1.18 kW or 1.60 hp/kilogram, it also offers the highest standard of relative performance.

Maximum output is 195 kW/265 hp at 6,650 rpm, peak torque of 315 Nm or 232 lb-ft comes consistently between 2,500 and 4,000 rpm.

Boasting rear-wheel drive unparalleled in its qualities on a sports car and, as a result, smooth and precise steering unmarred by drive forces, perfectly balanced axle load distribution, short body overhangs, and a long wheelbase, the BMW Z4 Coupé has all the attributes required for sheer driving pleasure of the highest calibre.

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