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1 Series Concept tii - Pure Driving Pleasure

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1 Series Concept tii
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Pure Driving Pleasure
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Tailored to the driver, built for driving pleasure.
The interior design of BMW Concept 1 Series tii is tailored specifically to the driver, applying principles known to offer an intense and successful driving experience also in motorsport.  Dominant use of dark colours within the interior, for example, makes it easier for the driver to concentrate fully on the road and the traffic around him.
The surface trim on the A-pillars and roof lining in anthracite forms one unit with the instrument panel, the door and side panels.
Finished in black alcantara, the instrument panel – like the dark engine compartment lid on BMW Concept 1 Series tii – helps efficiently to avoid any reflection of light which might impair the driver’s concentration.
The design of the instrument cluster also reflects the usual style and focus in motorsport, the white face of the rev counter with its red indicators attracting even more attention than the dark face on the speedometer.
The sports steering wheel is the perfect interface between man and machine. Finished in alcantara all round, the steering wheel rim offers particularly good grip, giving the driver maximum precision at the wheel even in fast manoeuvres and when suddenly changing direction.
The seats in BMW Concept 1 Series tii are yet another new development for sports motoring: Finished in a combination of alcantara and leather, the sports bucket seats offer perfect stability at the side. Further highlights are the integrated headrests and side airbags. And last but not least in this context, the rear passengers also enjoy a sporting and low seating position.
The model designation on the door cutout strips rounds off the individual ambience within BMW Concept 1 Series tii. The linings in the footwells, finally, are made of a new, particularly hard-wearing textile tissue reminiscent in its surface structure of the CFP components.


Traditional values, modern concept, unique result.
Outside and inside, from every perspective and in all its details, BMW Concept 1 Series tii conveys a clear message: the objective to offer uncompromising driving pleasure.
So in developing this design study, BMW’s engineers, designers and other specialists took the opportunity to combine traditional values with the latest technology. In the process they benefited from the new BMW 1 Series Coupé offering a modern car concept authentically presenting the sporting roots of the brand.
Precisely this is the underlying character further enhanced by BMW Concept 1 Series tii following a clear-cut philosophy with no cause for moderation – on the contrary: BMW Concept 1 Series tii shows impressively which highlights were applied in the car’s development and what potential the BMW 1 Series Coupé has to offer in terms of sporting performance.
The looks and appearance of BMW Concept 1 Series tii bear out all the fascination of motorpsort, the heritage of the BMW brand giving the designers additional inspiration. In particular, they focused in the design process on BMW’s compact two-door models in the 1960s and ‘70s, cars which at the time made an important contribution to the development of the brand and BMW as a company, becoming the very epitome of unparalleled driving pleasure.


Indeed, these cars owed their success to features typical of BMW even at the time and still offering a unique thrill today: low weight, powerful engines, supreme agility.
These factors for success therefore still apply in today’s world. But at the same time the demands made by the customer have changed significantly, as have the potentials offered by modern technology and BMW’s model range.
The number of segments in which BMW is represented today is larger than ever before. So the brand offers Sheer Driving Pleasure in all kinds of different manifestations. But the concept of Sheer Driving Pleasure remains just as up-to-date and popular as before, coming out particularly inthe  BMW 1 Series Coupé: No other car offers equally dynamic driving
characteristics, simply because no other brand offers comparable heritage and experience in the production of sporting and compact two-door models.
And this makes it all the more logical and tempting to enhance the fascinating character of this model with utmost consistency in the guise of BMW Concept 1 Series tii.


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