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1 Series Concept tii - Air Flow and Interior Design

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1 Series Concept tii
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Air Flow and Interior Design
Pure Driving Pleasure
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Perfect flow of air determining the design of the rear end.
This clear focus on optimum aerodynamics continues into the design of the rear end, where the body of BMW Concept 1 Series tii is again specially designed for a smooth flow of air and the specific requirements of outstanding driving dynamics. The air contour lip on the rear lid, the so-called gurney, is far larger than on the “regular” BMW 1 Series Coupé. Indeed, through its shape and dimensions this component also made of CFP offers all the qualities required for generating maximum downforce on the rear axle at high speeds to give the car even greater driving stability.
The inlay in the rear bumper is likewise made of carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic, its three-piece structure taking up the graphics of the air intakes at the front end of the car. The diffuser split by two bars, in turn, ensures a controlled flow of air also along the lower part of the car, reducing air swirl at the rear to a minimum.


Interior design continuing the car’s sporting line.
The interior of BMW Concept 1 Series tii is certainly an ideal place to experience pure driving pleasure, with the emphasis consistently on sporting qualities and performance. This is borne out, first, by the colour scheme carried over from the exterior and, second, by a wide range of features derived directly from motorsport and thus offering supreme function in perfect control and management of the car.
While the interior takes up the black-and-white contrast of the car’s exterior finish, the balance of colours is precisely the other way round: Like the dark CFP elements on the exterior, white-painted surfaces inside the car add highlights at a few carefully selected points – the grab handles on the doors
and the spokes on the sports steering wheel. Even so, the visual effect created in this way is striking and powerful, since these features are not only important eye-catchers, but are actually used relatively often in practice.
The colour blue provides a clear focus on the driver within the interior, blue seat seams and a blue decal ring at the bottom of the gearshift lever knob providing visual highlights most befitting the BMW brand. A further point is that the seat belt on the driver’s seat also comes in this colour.
The seat belts on the other three seats, by contrast, are in silver, which is also the colour of the seat seams. Clearly, this distinction is restricted to the look of the seat belts as an eye-twinkling sign as to which of the four seats is the most appealing in a car of this nature.



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