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1 Series Concept tii - The BMW Design

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1 Series Concept tii
The BMW Design
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Black, white and blue – typical BMW colours all the way.
The contrasting effect resulting from the Alpine White paintwork and the dark CFP components results from fundamental functional requirements. But at the same time this contrasting colour scheme is also a major styling feature characterising the look and appearance of BMW Concept 1 Series tii. Indeed, to really accentuate the appearance of the car, BMW Concept 1 Series tii comes with decal stripes extending from the front headlight units all the way to the air flow lip on the rear lid, the gurney made of CFP and particularly large in size covering the entire body of the car. On the engine compartment the stripes come in white, on the roof and the rear lid they continue in black.
A third colour is used at less exposed points to provide yet another optical highlight: This is the colour blue proudly displayed on the brake callipers, on one of the five wheel bolts on each rim, and on the towing fixture in the front air dam which – as is generally the case with cars in motorsport – is not covered by a cap or seal.
The contrast of black and white and the discreet use of features finished in blue creates a trinity of colours also taken up by the exterior and generating an extroverted but well-balanced effect also because the choice of colours is the same as on BMW’s brand logo, thus bearing clear testimony to a great heritage.


Front-end design: aerodynamics optimised to the last detail.
Not only the colour scheme, but also the design of the car sets BMW Concept 1 Series tii distinctly apart from the standard versions of the BMW 1 Series Coupé. Indeed, the unique character and class of the design study is visible immediately from every angle and perspective: Apart fromthe components made of CFP, the front air dam, the side-sills and the rear bumper as well as the rear lid are all brand-new in design. The objective in this design process was to optimise the car’s aerodynamic qualities, consistently reflecting the extremely dynamic commitment of BMW Concept 1 Series tii.
To meet the particular requirements made of such a car, the structure of the front air dam differs significantly from the air dam in regular production models: The particularly muscular side air intakes are coated inside with CFP and the front air dam comes on both sides with so-called air splitters.
These air guidance elements standing out slightly to the front ensure a specific downward flow of air, part of the air flow going into the side intakes, the rest beneath the car.


Yet another feature carried over from motorsport and serving to optimise the flow of air is the arrangement of fins on the engine compartment lid.
These air guidance strips extending along the outer edges of the engine compartment lid promote the car’s aerodynamic qualities and enhance driving stability at high speeds. The positive effect ensured in this way was already proven back in the mid-1970s on the BMW 3.0 CSL.
The BMW kidney grille also comes in special design on BMW Concept1 Series tii, omitting the kidney grille bars otherwise found on theBMW 1 Series Coupé and other production models. Instead, the coolingair flowing into the car goes through a wide honeycomb grid.
Yet a further sign of distinction is the dark trim bars on the headlights additionally highlighting the striking dual round headlights behind clearglass so typical of BMW.

Side view: classic silhouette, muscular design.
The BMW 1 Series Coupé comes with all the proportions so characteristicof BMW Coupés for many decades. The defining feature is the so-called three-box architecture, the clearly chiselled distinction between the engine compartment, the passenger cell, and the luggage compartment.
Together with the greenhouse moved far to the back and the gently tapered roofline extending to the rear end at a striking angle, the long engine compartment lid gives the car a truly unmistakable silhouette. The combination of the muscular car body and the light-looking roof structure, finally, gives this compact two-door a particularly dynamic and sporting look from the side.
The side view of BMW Concept 1 Series tii is further enhanced in its sportiness by the side-sills developed specifically for this design study: The side-sills are particularly muscular in design, the light contour edge rising slightly towards the rear accentuating the wedge shape of the silhouette and giving the entire car an even lower and more dynamic look.
The round opening in the side-sills directly in front of the rear wheel also provides a clear sign of sporting performance, acting as a further element in optimising the flow of air and at the same time guiding the beholder’s view to the rear wheels, where the power of the engine is conveyed to the road.
BMW Concept 1 Series tii comes on 18-inch light-alloy rims in five-spoke design and a dark chrome colour scheme developed specifically for this design study.



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