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BMW Concept CS in Shanghai? [updated] - Colour Design and Dimensions

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BMW Concept CS in Shanghai? [updated]
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Colour Design and Dimensions
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Colour design rich in contrasts, high-quality materials.
BMW’s designers have also created unmistakable highlights through the choice of materials and colours: Powerful colour contrasts generate a dynamic ambience full of vitality appropriately reflecting the dynamic driving experience on the four seats of the BMW Concept CS. High-quality, refined leather in sophisticated brown forms a powerful contrast to surfaces in elegant off-white. Finished in matt tan, this brown leather is indeed to be admired not only on the seats, but also on the instrument panel, the upper doorsills, and the outer edges of the roof lining. Around the armrests and in the door panels themselves, this change in colours accentuates the dynamic lines of the interior created by the particular design and shape of individual elements. And finally, the leather trim on the dashboard continues in a slender band extending harmoniously into the door linings.
As a further innovative highlight, the roof lining in the BMW Concept CS is accentuated not only through a contrasting colour scheme, but also by finishing the outer flanks of the roof lining likewise in leather. Ambient light bands stretching out along the entire length between the windscreen and rear window, finally, add yet a further touch of luxury inside the car.
Reflecting the particular style of the exterior, the flowing structure of the interior surfaces shows special care and diligence in the transitions from one section to another. As an example, the leather trim on the centre console and the door entry area extends far down into the footwells.
The dashboard also uses a newly developed metal structure literally “embracing” the various surface elements. This material particularly attractive in its structure as well as its cool colour and feeling surrounds the circular instruments in the cockpit, together with the other features and elements. Yet another supreme innovation is the use of high-tech ceramics for the controls and instruments. And as a symbol of solidity and value, the BMW iDrive Controller is also made of a special ceramic material.


Unparalleled and typical of BMW: the BMW Concept CS.
The unique flair pampering both the driver and his passengers within the BMW Concept CS is an equally clear expression of both a new culture in body design. Both outside and inside, the BMW Concept CS therefore conveys the same message, telling the world that the experience of driving a saloon now comes in an entirely new rendition. So in presenting this new Concept Car, BMW is not only entering a brand-new segment of the market never occupied before, but is also setting the milestone with a brand-new type of car: The four-door luxury Gran Turismo enters a new dimension of motoring in new style and with new features. A new experience of dynamics and the ambience around us, exemplary quality in design and finish, extreme precision in the dimensions of the car, and concentrated luxury within the interior – these are the features that characterise the BMW Concept CS. And at the same time all this bears clear testimony to the superior know-how and competence of BMW’s engineers and designers in creating such truly emotional automobiles. The sum total of such qualities in the BMW Concept CS can be created only on a sound foundation of firmly defined values: innovative power, sporting performance, aesthetic design, an open frame of mind, and full awareness of quality. Precisely these are the values BMW has been applying consistently for decades in the development of particularly outstanding saloons and fascinating, truly dynamic sports cars. And now these values are concentrated even more than before in an unprecedented manner in the BMW Concept CS.

Exterior and Interior Dimensions.

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