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BMW Kite, METROPOLIT and Isetta 2020 Concept cars at IAA Frankfurt 2005

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BMW Kite, METROPOLIT and Isetta 2020 Concept cars at IAA Frankfurt 2005
Isetta 2020
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BMW Kite, METROPOLIT and Isetta 2020 Concept cars at IAA Frankfurt 2005
Source: IAA Frankfurt 2005 / Text: Ilir Dibrani

Walking at the IAA in Frankfurt I passed through a hall where there were some oldtimers.
I have considerable interest in oldtimers, but sometimes I'm more interested in what the future brings!
In a little corner, with almost no other people, I found a couple of BMW concept sketches, from 3 students at 2 different universities.
One of them in Saint Petersburg, Russia, the other one in Graz, Austria.

The concepts have been drawn as futuristic cars, which might be your future means of transportation!
The 3 concepts have all got their own personalities, and are powered (ofcourse) by engines of the future.
The design of the BMW Kite (the first of the 3) has been aspired by bones and skin.
Whereas the BMW METROPOLIT is a flexible city-car with a professional formal design.
Last, but not least, there is the BMW Isetta 2020, which is ofcourse based on the old Isetta, but transformed into an idea for the future.

BMW Isetta 2020 concept car
BMW Kite: extrovert, dynamic, tensing, esthetic
The Kite has been designed by Georg Haslinger and Claudia Messner who are both students at the JH Joanneum in Graz, Austria.
The sign of the Kite reads:
"The design is based on a formal aesthetic concept inspired by bones and skin.
Textile is partly stretched over the hard frame structure of the car which gives the active shape component.
The textile enables details which would not be possible in metal e.g. the doorhandle which is not visible."

If the Kite would ever go into production it would have a fuel cell which would be powered by hydrogen (based on the GM showcar "Skateboard").
The Kite has a compact size for inner city as well as country side, and has seperate storage space in the front.
The textile which forms the body of the car is called a "metal rubber", which is highly ductile, electroconductive, has a high capacity and is tear- and sliceproof.
Normally this "metal rubber" is used for artificial muscles, functional wear or aerolastic wings. (see for more information on this textile).

BMW Kite: front view

BMW Kite: ghost view

Kite Gallery
BMW METROPOLIT: distinctive, flexible, agile, compact
The METROPOLIT has been designed by Verena Lang in collaboration with Mario Ewerbeck and Stefanie Hilgart.
Verena Lang is alse a student at the JH Joanneum in Graz, Austria.
The sign of the METROPOLIT reads:
"The concept of the city car is for inhabitants living in future mega metropolis.
The vehicle is designed mainly for one person but the flexible interior allows a second person in the car.
All features are designed to serve the driver in a situation with less of space in cities."
The jury comment for this design was:
"METROPOLIT is a nice synthesis of a future traffic scenario, innovative solution, elabroated package and professional formal design."

BMW METROPOLIT: front view


BMW Isetta 2020: historic
The Isetta 2020 has been designed Vasilij Kourkov, who is a student at the Saint Petersburg State Polytechnical University in Russia.
The sign of the Isetta 2020 reads:
"The design is based on the BMW Isetta from the 1950s.
The idea is to design the interior and exterior in a forward-looking impression with todays technical standards."
The jury commented as follows:
"Above all the design shows the automotive enthusiasm from Russia.
Especially to transform a historical car into an idea for the future.
It is painted ina very nice and detailed way."

As you can see in the pictures below, the interior of the car differs totally from what we think of a normal interior nowadays.
With a width of 2300mm, a height of 1950mm and a length of 4000mm, the concept is rather oversized in height and width.
The front looks like an angry but stylish looking woman, whereas the rear I cannot define...
The door folds open, and a little step appears for people to get into the car, also the roof is totally movable.

BMW Isetta 2020: side view

BMW Isetta 2020: seats

Isetta 2020 Gallery
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