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7 Series - F01/F02 (2008 - ...) - The New iDrive

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7 Series - F01/F02 (2008 - ...)
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Enhanced consistently for intuitive use: new BMW iDrive.
The trendsetting BMW iDrive control system is also featured in the new BMW 7 Series for activating and controlling all enter-tainment, information, navigation, and telecommunication functions featured either as standard or as an option. Presented for the first time in the former model, this revolutionary system has fundamentally changed the general understanding of ergonomics, functionality and control logic in the automobile, with BMW iDrive setting a new standard particularly in the premium segment. Now, introducing the new generation of iDrive technology, BMW is increasing its lead over other manu-facturers with comparable systems in both the quality of presentation and intuitive control. Via the Controller on the centre console and the Control Display in the middle of the instrument panel, all control and display functions remain consistently separated from one another also with BMW’s new iDrive. This serves to keep the control unit in exactly the right position in ergonomic terms and enables the driver to take in the information presented while hardly taking his eyes off the road and the traffic around him.
Measuring 10.2 inches, the Display is extremely large but is nevertheless integrated harmoniously in the instrument panel and, through its clear presentation and easy-to-understand, attractive graphics, again sets the standard versus the compe-tition. Positioned on the same level as the instrument cluster,the Display is within clear sight of both the driver and the front passenger at exactly the right distance.
In its optimised ergonomic position, the newly developed Controller allows convenient and intuitive selection and activa-tion of functions through standardised tipping, turning and pushing operations.


Inviting functionality and practical benefits: BMW Controller with direct selection buttons.
The new iDrive Controller now ensures even better and more intuitive use and operation. In its design, the Controller follows the most advanced insights into biomechanics clearly borne out by its surface touch qualities and clearly structured mechani-cal functions. The benefits of the control elements, the menu structure and the graphic presentation in Control Display support the driver right from the start and in ongoing, long-term use of the system.
A picture of the Controller shown in the Control Display gives the driver better orientation in choosing the next step in the control process. The individual operating steps activated by tipping, turning or pushing the Controller are largely the same as the control functions well known from a computer when clicking the mouse or turning the wheel. Turning the Controller, for example, the user automatically goes through a list of individual menu items and is then able to select the function desired simply by pressing the button on top. Tipping the Controller to the left or right, in turn, enables the user to smoothly and easily navigate through the various menu levels. Clear graphic arrangement with separate levels building up on top of one another and the presentation of Controller movements currently available ensures maximum clarity and orientation, the functional options on the Controller and the graphic presentation in the Display thus supplementing one another. All menus are made up according to the same scheme and structure, enabling the user to make himself acquainted with their functions almost immediately. The menu trees are extra-wide in order to provide as many options as possible without having to change to another menu level. And at the same time the functions are appropriately arranged to ensure direct and rapid access to the most impor-tant options used regularly by the driver and his passengers.
Yet another innovation of the Controller is the introduction of four direct selection buttons for the menu options used most frequently. Pushing these buttons, the user is able to switch over to the CD, radio, telephone and navigation functions very quickly and conveniently. The range of direct selection buttons is rounded off by three command keys serving to call up the starter menu, to return to the menu activated last, and to access additional options in the current context. This makes search processes much shorter or even eliminates the need for such processes altogether.

Proven in their quality and now even more versatile: favourite buttons.
Offering superior versatility, BMW iDrive supports the driver in his personal style and control preferences, thus enhancing motoring comfort and individual choice to an even higher level than before. This is also the purpose of the favourite buttons arranged around the audio system in the centre console, which have already proven their merits in other BMW models.
Apart from radio stations, telephone numbers and navigation destinations, these buttons – a total of eight in all – now serve for the first time to save and directly access additional menu items available through BMW iDrive. Simply pressing a button, therefore, the driver is able not only to tune into his favourite radio station or activate his home address, but may also display the navigation map in his favourite scale, access traffic reports, activate the balance control on the audio system loudspeakers, or move directly to a specific chapter of the Owner’s Manual integrated in the system.
Coming complete with touch sensors, the favourite buttons first show the specific function saved on the Control Display before the actual process of activation, thus avoiding any faulty operation or mistakes.

Extra-large display with variable layout, preview maps, and full-screen images.
The new iDrive in the BMW 7 Series comes with a 10.2-inch Control Display exceeding all graphic surfaces used so far in the automobile not only in its dimensions, since resolution of 1,280 x 480 pixels offers much better presentation of detailed graphics and images.
A combination of the most advanced hardware and software technologies ensures a most sophisticated look combined with genuine style. Menu lists are presented in white letters on a black background, clear symbols, modern graphics and a clear colour code enhancing the quality, brilliance, and reproduction of pictures. The structure of the control menu also facilitates the process of finding the functions desired. Flat menu trees and systematic control concepts already well-known from the use of the computer facilitate rapid access to the options desired, with all function areas controlled by BMW iDrive being listed in the starter menu.
Selecting the item desired, the user will automatically open up a new menu table. The options available there are again presented in a list, such consistent user guidance offering addi-tional orientation and enabling the user to stack menu tables on the display. Visual control aids ensure additional clarity, and if necessary all the user has to do is press the Back key on the Controller in order to reverse a false entry. Using the optional navigation system is also easier and more appealing than ever before thanks to the optimised technical features now provided through BMW iDrive. Full-screen map presentation, for example, offers an incomparably detailed overview of the region the driver is currently travelling through, with both travel maps and individual symbols being presented as required in the form of attractive, three-dimensional graphics. And to supplement the perspective presentation provide so far, the user now also the choice of an elevation map. Selected sights along the route are presented as realistic graphics just like photographs.
The impressive technical capacities and features of the new system come out clearly right from the start when entering your destination: Whenever the driver chooses his destination from a list of towns or cities, a preview map of each destination proposed is presented in the display immediately during the selection process, allowing the user to easily distinguish be -tween various places with the same name simply by means of a geographic message. The process of spelling names (places or streets) as well as the entry of telephone numbers is likewise facilitated by a round “Speller”, as it is called, the circular arrangement of letters and numbers again speeding up the entry process.

Convenient combination of voice entry and Controller operation.
Yet another innovation now introduced as part of BMW iDrive is so-called multi-modal operation by voice entry and the Controller. The user is able to switch freely from one of these entry modes to another while carrying out a specific function and may even maintain and actively use the active voice entry mode while entering data through the Controller. Voice control is activated by pressing the appropriate button on the multifunction steering wheel and is then switched off either automatically as soon as the user is finished or by pressing the button again. To facilitate voice entry, the commands available are shown in the Display, and in addition iDrive also responds to numerous synonyms of these terms shown on the screen. Once again, BMW’s optimised iDrive marks a significant step forward in the area of automotive control systems, combining greater efficiency, enhanced control logic and attractive, clear display graphics as a new highlight. BMW’s new iDrive therefore serves to make driving the new BMW 7 Series an incomparable pleasure, further underlining the outstanding position of this exceptional premium car in the automobile market.

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