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7 Series - F01/F02 (2008 - ...) - Power and Supremacy

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7 Series - F01/F02 (2008 - ...)
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Power and Supremacy
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Horizontal lines at the rear providing an extra touch of power and supremacy.
The sculptured surfaces along the body also ensure a smooth and sleek transition from the side panels to the rear end of the new BMW 7 Series. The striking contour line along the car is continued, for example, around the rear light clusters with their particularly graphic structure. The rooflines, in turn, flow down along the rear flanks of the car all the way to the bumper, the entire rear end thus surrounded by dynamic lines with a particu-larly sporting touch.
Horizontal lines and light edges accentuate the powerful, superior and muscular impression of the car on its wide track particularly visible from the rear. The chrome trim above the numberplate support connecting the rear light clusters with one another across the entire width of the luggage compartment lid adds another, particularly striking feature. The light edges along the luggage compartment lid and the rear bumper run parallel to the chrome trim bar also encompassing the reversing lights.
The additional segmentation of the bumper, finally, serves once again to emphasise the sheer width of the rear end, just like the two reflectors positioned far to the outside. The two-piece rear lights on the new BMW 7 Series come in that special L-shaped contour so typical of BMW. Inside, the rear lights are dominated by wide, horizontally-arranged light bars in a three-dimensional look rising up to the outside and therefore following the contours of the light units. Fed by LEDs, the light bars generate a warm and homogeneous lighting effect. The direction indicators also come in LED technology, and the third brake light fitted in the upper edge of the rear window as well as the numberplate illumination also consist of light-emitting diodes.


Modern, luxurious, inviting: the interior.
Apart from the supreme experience of space and comfort meeting the greatest demands both front and rear in terms of generous kneeroom, headroom and elbow freedom, the design and finish of the interior in the new BMW 7 Series emanates a wonderful impression of luxury in its most modern form.
The overall ambience is exclusive, sophisticated and, in particular, inviting. Both the overall design and layout as well as the combination of colours and the choice of materials symbo-lise exclusivity and harmony all in one. With the position of the centre console rising up slightly towards the driver and the cockpit structure promoting intuitive interaction with the car, the new BMW 7 Series comes with the particular style of driver orientation so typical of the brand. The interior design reflects the full character of a car which, in its technology and design, caters specifically for the needs and well-being of both the driver and his passengers.
This generous and harmonious feeling of space is further emphasised through the coherent colour scheme on the dash-board and the door linings. The horizontally arranged colour levels extend throughout the complete interior, the upper door lining following a flowing line at the bottom reaching its lowest point on the B-pillar and rising up again gently towards the rear. In combination with the armrests positioned at exactly the opposite angle this creates an elegant combination of tense but smoothly harmonised surfaces on the doors.
High-quality materials and outstanding quality of finish are combined in the interior of the new BMW 7 Series with a supreme standard of craftsmanship and precision. Visible seams along the instrument panel and the upper doorsills, as well as the central ventilation units with double surrounds, again bear out exceptional attention to detail.
The dashboard comes as standard in a newly developed soft skin material almost identical through its soft surface and special grain to high-quality leather. The exclusive flair of the interior is emphasised additionally by the black colour on the instrument panel and the double seam finish.
As an option, the dashboard is also available in soft cowhide.
The close connection of design and function is also borne out by the integration of the door openers in the chrome trim along the door panels. Similarly, the door closing handles integrated in the door panel trim combine unpretentious design with superior function. The wide range of interior colours, trim and upholstery options available sets the foundation for custom -ising the car according to the owner’s personal style and preference. Indeed, an appropriate combination of colours and materials serves to highlight either the classic, sporting, elegant or representative character of this unique saloon, depen-ding on the customer’s individual choice.
Quite apart from the material chosen, a chrome highlight bar along the lower edge of the trim strips adds further style and brilliance. And for the first time a BMW luxury saloon is now also available with trim strips in aluminium design, just as BMW is becoming the world’s first car maker to use high-tech ceramics on selected control elements and switches: Instead of the galvanised material used as standard, this special ceramic material may be featured as an option on the iDrive Controller, the electronic gear selector lever, and the rotary knobs forthe automatic air conditioning and audio system. And last but of course not least, the paintwork on the new BMW 7 Series is available in a choice of no less than 12 highly attractive colours.

BMW 750Li and BMW 740Li: setting a new standard in motoring on the rear seats.
The interior in the BMW 750Li and the BMW 740Li provides ideal conditions for grand touring comfort enhanced to an even higher level of perfection. The extra space provided by the extended wheelbase is reserved exclusively for the rear-seat passengers, just as the differently designed roofline provides extra headroom at the rear.
This clearly turns the Sheer Driving Pleasure so typical of a nBMW into an even greater experience, particularly when being driven by a chauffeur. Indeed, this supremacy is enhanced even further by the option to fit the rear with two single seats and a console in the middle including an iDrive Controller.
These individual seats may then be adjusted fore-and-aft by up to 70 millimetres or 2.76", with the seat and backrest angle as well as the position of the headrests also being individually adjustable. As an option the new BMW 7 Series is available, inter alia, with four-zone automatic air conditioning complete with separate control at the rear, additional air vents and vanity mirrors in the roof lining, seat ventilation and massage seats, as well as two versions of BMW’s sophisticated entertainment system at the rear complete with a DVD player and two monitors integrated in the front-seat backrests.
The entertainment functions are masterminded either by remote control or by an additional iDrive Controller on the centre console at the rear, again allowing the rear-seat passenger to enjoy an active driving experience.

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