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7 Series - F01/F02 (2008 - ...) - Everything in good sight

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7 Series - F01/F02 (2008 - ...)
Internet everywhere
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Everything in good sight
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Everything in good sight: PDC Park Distance Control, back-up camera and Side View.
The new BMW 7 Series comes as standard with PDC Park Distance Control at the rear, with the same function available as an option at the front. In both cases sensors measure the dis-tance of the car from possible objects, acoustic signals varying in frequency as the distance decreases providing information on the space still available for manoeuvring. PDC is supplemented on the BMW 7 Series by a back-up camera, a video system facilitating the process of parking and manoeuvring in confined spaces or with poor visibility. The high-resolution images provided by the camera with its wide angle lens are presented in colour in an optimised perspective on the Control Display. At the same time interactive track lines show the optimum steering wheel angle and the narrowest turn circle required for parking.
Yet another Original BMW Accessory is the Side View system incorporating two additional front-end cameras integrated in the front bumper for better observation of traffic coming from the side. The image obtained in this way, which is also transmitted to the Control Display, offers not only additional comfort when manoeuvring, but also gives the driver an immediate overview of traffic conditions around the car when driving through a narrow gate or, say, leaving a car park.


BMW ConnectedDrive with enhanced BMW Assist emergency call and BMW TeleServices.
The innovative character of the new BMW 7 Series is further enhanced by the car’s telecommunication systems and by the Online, Assistance and Service systems all comprised within BMW ConnectedDrive. A telephone preparation kit including a Bluetooth interface is also available as an option, serving to integrate numerous mobile telephones.
A further possibility is to integrate an Apple iPhone and other Smartphones, with parallel use of both telephone and music functions and a reliable supply of power to these systems at all times. The new BMW 7 Series is available as an option with the BMW Assist telematics service, yet another BMW ConnectedDrive amenity with a wide range of individual functions. Apart from a personal enquiry service and the latest traffic information, BMW Assist now also offers an enhanced automatic emergency call function: In the event of a collision as of a certain severity the system automatically transmits data on the position of the vehicle and its specifications as well as measurements recorded by the car’s sensors, providing informa-tion on the type of collision and the occupants’ injury risk to a BMW Call Centre.
From here this information is passed on immediately to the nearest rescue service and at the same time the Call Centre will try to establish a voice connection to the car. BMW TeleServices are also available as part of BMW ConnectedDrive in the new BMW 7 Series, with a wide range of functions extending from the Automatic BMW Tele-service Call through the Manual BMW Teleservice Call all the way to BMW Teleservice Diagnosis including BMW Teleservice Assistance.
The Automatic BMW Teleservice Call serves to automatically determine the type of service required next and an appropriate service date by means of the on-board Condition Based Service (CBS) diagnostic system. Then, as soon as the sensors determine the need for service involving, say, one of the car’s operating fluids or components subject to wear such as engine oil or the brake pads, the car will send out an Automatic BMW Teleservice Call.
Data relevant to service is transmitted to the driver’s BMW Service Partner, who will then contact the customer in order to arrange an appointment at the workshop. In the event of an electronic defect, BMW Teleservice Diagnosis will transmit the appropriate defect codes to BMW Breakdown Assistance.
Should there be the option to remedy the defect by re-setting the software on the respective control unit, the BMW Breakdown Assistance Service is able to send an appropriate command directly to the car, avoiding the need to go to the workshop.

World-first achievement: the Integrated Owner’s Manual.
The wide range of new features offered by the new BMW 7 Series is rounded off by the Integrated Owner’s Manual installed in the car itself. Like conventional computer programs, this new feature offers the driver information on all of his car’s functions and items of equipment conveniently within seconds via the iDrive system. Information required for control purposes is presented clearly and very understandably by means of animations with additional sound information and slide-shows.
Short and simple text messages as well as interactive graphics promote the quick uptake of information. Introducing the Integrated Owner’s Manual, BMW is setting a new milestone for convenient access to information on board the car. BMW is therefore becoming the first manufacturer to offer the customer an information system providing control messages as part of the elec tronic control system in text, sound and pictures. The Integrated Owner’s Manual is tailored individually to each model, even taking the car’s specific equipment and options into ac-count. Various access modes – short instructions, picture search, key terms, and context access – allow appropriate, individualised access to all information required. Particularly important infor-mation may be saved on the freely available favourite buttons, as with the reading signs provided by a browser on a computer. Full integration of the Owner’s Manual in the car ensures permanent and rapid access to all data and provides the technical founda-tion for subsequently updating the car’s documentation during the period of ownership. Once again, therefore, this very special feature highlights BMW’s strategy of the future-oriented vehicle able to explain and present its own functions and features.

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