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7 Series - F01/F02 (2008 - ...) - Automatic Air Conditioning

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7 Series - F01/F02 (2008 - ...)
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Automatic air conditioning: maximum comfort on all seats.
The new BMW 7 Series offers excellent climate control and comfort in all situations, even in standard trim, automatic air conditioning giving the occupants front and rear their own, individual ambience. The drive and front passenger are able to choose their own individual temperature, air volume and distribution via the air conditioning control unit individually for the right- and left-hand side of the car according to their personal wishes and preferences.
The specific characteristics of fully-automatic control can then be set directly on the a/c control panel in five different levels of intensity. And last but not least the optimum climate control chosen by the driver may be conveyed consistently and smoothly to all seats simply by pressing a button. The air condi-tioning in the new BMW 7 Series also offers highly effective cooling capacity.
Air vents in the B-pillars, auxiliary ventilation with a timer function and direct operation, fresh air and air recirculation filters, Automatic Air Recirculation, solar compensation and the use of residual heat all come as standard.
And as an exclusive feature on the new BMW 7 Series, BMW ConnectedDrive gives the user the option to control the auxiliary heating and ventilation also from a distance through his mobile telephone. Four-zone automatic air conditioning is available as an option, with individual temperature, air volume and distribution control on the left- and right-hand side at the rear. This four-zone automatic air conditioning also comprises a separate control unit on the rear centre console as well as an additional electrical heater in the rear footwells.
The central comfort vent integrated in the dashboard at the front, finally, allows infinite variation of air supply, ranging from a discreet flow of air free of draughts to a very direct air flow for maximum cooling whenever required.
Enhancing four-zone automatic air conditioning to an even higher level in the long-wheelbase BMW 7 Series, a roof vent with additional controls is available in the rear passenger area, with air supplied by an air conditioner housed in the luggage compartment offer even greater comfort. In comparison with a conventional system, this optimised air supply ensures a particularly well-balanced and gentle flow of air, perfectly supple-menting the four-zone automatic air conditioning.


Innovative seat venting and massage seats at the rear.
The new climate seats at the rear make long journeys in the car or trips in very hot weather even more pleasant. The climate seats are equipped with vents feeding cool air into the seat and backrest surface. And with this cool air being drawn out of the cool interior, the system is able to operate quite independently of regional climate conditions. To ensure extra relaxation on the rear seats – for example in between business meetings or on long journeys – the new BMW 7 Series is available with a special massage seat function. Twelve massage bubbles integrated in the seat backrest and six rotation bubbles moving in waves help to relax the occupant’s thorax, shoulder and lumbar spine, with the additional option to repeat this very pleasant massage cycle several times in a row.
Active seats are available for both the driver and front passenger, again providing greater relaxation on long distances. With the seat bottom moving up and down intermittently, the occupant’s muscles around the hips and lumbar spine are mobilised at regular intervals in order to prevent any feeling of cramp or fatigue.

Special-effect interior lights, innovative contour sliding roof.
Elegant light bars on the door openers, door frames, map pockets and door linings in the BMW 7 Series set additional highlights. A new feature is the emission of smooth and consistent light beams from a special light prism distributor. The ambient illumination available as an optional extra bathes appropriate parts of the interior in a soft and glowing light, such harmonious illumination not only offering better and even easier orientation within the interior, but also highlighting the particular style and sophisticated character of the car. Available as an option, the contour sliding roof raises the pleasure of travelling in the new BMW 7 Series to an even higher standard with its controlled feed of sunlight and fresh air. With its glass panel measuring 60 x 92 centimetres or 23.6 x 36.2", the contour sliding roof gives the interior an even brighter and more generous look, a contour line at the front running parallel to the front edge of the roof optimising the looks of this special feature from outside.Within the car the sliding roof offers a very well-balanced and homogeneous appearance, electric operation of the roof eliminating the need for the usual recess with its grab handle, as is to be found on a conventional sliding roof. Both the glass roof and inner lining drive motors come complete with a trap release, while an innovative, multi-purpose wind deflector optimises the acoustic effect of the contour roof. With the roof open, the deflector is moved up to the appropriate position, effectively suppressing the low-frequency humming noise at medium speeds and the high-frequency noise otherwise experienced at high speeds.

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