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7 Series - F01/F02 (2008 - ...) - Internet everywhere

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7 Series - F01/F02 (2008 - ...)
Internet everywhere
Power and Supremacy
The Control Concept
The New iDrive
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Cruise Control with Brake Function
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Automatic Air Conditioning
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World-first introduction of unrestricted access to the internet in the car.
Technical innovations in the areas of air conditioning, enter-tainment and communication, as well as extra space and comfort within the interior, make the experience of driving in the BMW 7 Series an outstanding pleasure for both the driver and his passengers. And now BMW is becoming the first car maker in the world to offer unrestricted use of the internet within the car through BMW ConnectedDrive. This makes the Controller and the Control Display of the iDrive system a genuine online terminal enabling the user to call up any website he would like to access from the worldwide data network. Exclusive to the new BMW 7 Series, BMW ConnectedDrive even allows remote control of the car’s auxiliary heating and ventilation from the user’s mobile phone as yet another option. Automatic air con-ditioning featured as standard in the BMW 7 Series ensures particularly fine dosage and variation of temperatures within the car, free of draughts or unpleasant air turbulence. As an option there is also four-zone automatic air conditioning offering indivi-dual control also for the passengers at the rear.
The BMW 750Li and BMW 740Li also available right from the start upon the introduction of the new BMW 7 Series ensure even greater comfort and luxury at the rear. They come with wheelbase extended by 140 millimetres or 5.5", offer additional legroom and headroom at the rear, and boast a wide range of comfort features either fitted as standard or available as an option, making even long drives in the new BMW 7 Series a relaxing and entertaining experience.


Sportiness of the most elegant kind typical of BMW.
The No 1 design theme characterising the new BMW 7 Series is the harmonious combination of elegance and sportiness.
Apart from the car’s long wheelbase, the long and sleek engine compartment lid, and the short overhang at the front, the passenger compartment moved further to the rear and the low, sleek roofline emphasise and, indeed, highlight the dynamic proportions of the new BMW 7 Series. The unusually dynamic and stretched lines of the car are therefore a clear testimony to superior sportiness and at the same time convey a powerful impression of precise elegance.
The balanced harmony of these features comes out particularly clearly in the side-line of the car, firm and taut areas around the 18wheel arches and on the doors as well as the slender shoulder areas above the contour line extending back from the headlights at the front to the rear light clusters accentuating the elegant character of the saloon.
With its particularly light and dynamic look, the greenhouse adds an especially sporting touch borne out above all by the slender window frames and roof columns. Through its contours alone, the new saloon is somehow reminiscent of a coupé with its sleek lines stretching from the low transition of the engine com-partment lid into the low-slung A-pillars through the low roofline all the way to the rear with its soft and gentle swinging curvature.

The front end: clear structures and generous surfaces ensuring natural presence.
With its large and puristically styled engine compartment lid, the new BMW 7 Series offers a clear and calm look from the front.
The contour lines of the car come together at the front end, pointing towards the BMW kidney grille, just like the headlight units tapering out towards the middle of the car. The BMW kidney grille is indeed the most conspicuous design feature at the front, emanating natural presence and supremacy in its large dimensions, upright position, and extra-low arrangement within the front air dam. Intentionally not being surrounded by function joints, the kidney grille again emphasises its precise position, the rising bars in the grille serving at the same time to accentuate the powerful look of the front end. The wide lower air intake scoop stretches across the entire front air dam right round to the sides. Foglamps in clear glass look positioned far to the outside at the edge of the air intakes serve additionally to accentuate the wide track of the car, a further feature adding to this flair being a chrome band forming the upper border on top of the air intakes.
Dual round headlights in generous design generate the concen-trated look and focus again so typical of BMW. Indeed, this look is particularly striking on the new BMW 7 Series, borne out, first, by the corona rings providing a daytime lights function and, second, by an additional light bar which, like an eyelid, stretches across the round headlights at the top to provide a particularly visual dividing line. Another new design highlight is the direction indicators made up in each case of eight LED lights positioned in two vertical rows at the outside next to the cylindrical lights.

Sculptured surfaces and precise lines determining the side view.
Modern design of the car’s surfaces giving the saloon its unmis-takable character is yet another highlight of the BMW brand in general and the new BMW 7 Series in particular. The sculp-tured overall effect generated in this way results from the combi-nation of skilled craftsmanship, precise technology, and a clear feeling for the unique flair and style of a BMW. The interplay of concave and convex surfaces so typical of a BMW creates a highly effective course of light and shade, emphasising both the powerful and dynamic expression and the cultivated elegance of the car. The side panels, for example, appear to grow out smoothly over the rear wheels of the car without creating the impression of a conventional wheel arch. The shoulder line gives the side of the new BMW 7 Series particular elegance by stretching from the headlights at the front via the door openers all the way to the light clusters at the rear. Beneath this precisely finished line the side surfaces are modelled in a convex structure, then following a concave curve at the lower edge of the doors. At the bottom these panels border on to the doorsill line rising up higher than usual.
Interacting with one another, the shoulder and doorsill lines give the car a particularly stretched look from the side. At the same time the doorsill line in its elevated position adds the impression of a particularly slender body stature. Yet a further important impression is added by the chrome-plated side gill with its in -tegrated directional indicator function at the transition from the front side panel to the driver’s and, respectively, front passenger’s door. The character line highlighting the wheel arches merges out of the front edge of the side gill, continuing in a gentle sweep into the doorsill line. And serving as an important proportion feature on sporting vehicles of this calibre, the gill intake at the side emphasises the long distance between the front axle and the instrument panel.
Further design highlights clearly reveal the focus on precision and the ability of BMW’s designers to accentuate selected design features in superior, subtle style. Like the side window graphics, for example, the headlight units and rear lights of the new BMW 7 Series are surrounded by a frame literally chiselled into the surface of the car – an effect clearly emphasising the reversed “swing” at the bottom of the C-pillars well-known to the expert as the “Hofmeister kick”. The window graphics, in turn, boast a particularly sophisticated and, at the same time, sleek look through the chrome trim surrounding the glass surfaces and made out of one piece.
All of these design features are naturally also to be found on the BMW 750Li and BMW 740Li. With their wheelbase extended by 140 millimetres or 5.5", these particularly luxurious models offer even more comfort at the rear. The additional body length is provided completely along the rear doors, ensuring particularly comfortable entry to and exit from the car.
And at the same time both models boast their own unique roofline and C-pillar contours providing a side view reminiscent of the “regular” saloon with its “normal” wheelbase.

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