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6 Series Coupe and Cabrio Facelift - E63/E64 ( 2007 - ... ) - Active Steering and Dynamic Drive

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6 Series Coupe and Cabrio Facelift - E63/E64 ( 2007 - ... )
The early times for BMW Coupes
Design: Dynamics in Stylish Perfection
The 6 Series Convertible
Drivetrain: Superior Power, new Versatility
The 635d Straight-six Diesel
Effecient: Brake Energy Regeneration
Chassis, Suspension, Driver and Safety
Active Steering and Dynamic Drive
Active Cruise Control and Lane Departure Warning
Comfort and Safety
Features and Equipment
Navigation, Sound and BMW Individual
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Unique: Active Steering for even greater comfort at all speeds.
The new BMW 6 Series features hydraulic rack-and-pinion steering including Servotronic, varying steering assistance via a control map as a function of driving speed. The result is supreme steering precision and driving safety at all speeds and at all times.
Steering comfort is further enhanced by optional Active Steering exclusive to the BMW 6 Series in this segment of the market. While Servotronic fitted as standard controls the steering forces required, Active Steering varies the steering transmission ratio as a function of road speed. In practice this means that at a lower speed the same movement of the steering wheel moves the front wheels to a larger angle than at a higher speed, allowing the driver to manoeuvre the car when parking, for example, with less effort and lower steering forces. At high speeds, on the other hand, steering precision is enhanced accordingly, with the car remaining smoothly on track.
To provide this effect, movements of the steering wheel are transmitted via an add-on transmission on the steering train. The steering angle chosen by the driver is modified in this case by means of an electric motor operating via a planetary gearing, the degree of adjustment depending on the speed of the car and its lateral acceleration determined by yaw rate sensors.
Networked with Dynamic Stability Control, Active Steering, when intervening in driving stability control in fast and dynamic bends, countersteers in a discreet, intangible process, giving the car additional stability. Via yaw rate control, the Active Steering is also able to stabilise the car when applying the brakes on surfaces with a varying frictional coefficient (modal split), appropriate countersteering preventing the car from swerving out of control.


Dynamic Drive for greater precision and supremacy at the wheel.
A particular innovation providing a perfect match for the character of the BMW 6 Series is optionally available in the form of Dynamic Drive chassis and suspension control. This cutting-edge technology enhances both the car’s sporting behaviour and the superior driving comfort enjoyed by the driver and his passengers.
Suppressing body roll in bends, Dynamic Drive ensures superior agility, comfort and stability in all driving situations, the significant increase in both driving safety and precision in steering manoeuvres setting new standards in suspension technology. As a result, the BMW 6 Series takes even long and fast bends without any body roll or swaying motion of the body. Even when changing direction several times in rapid succession, the system reduces body sway to a minimum. And when changing lanes or avoiding an obstacle ahead on the road, Dynamic Drive again improves the car’s steering behaviour, ensuring significant enhancement of driving safety also in such cases.
Dynamic Drive consists of active rollbars on the front and rear axle using hydraulically operated step motors to almost completely set off any movement of the body. The housing and shaft on each step motor are each connected with one half of the rollbar in order to set off undesired movement of the body by means of hydraulic pressure.

Cruise control complete with brake application.
Automatic cruise control complete with a brake application function is standard on the new BMW 6 Series. The system serves to maintain a specific speed of at least 30 km/h or 20 mph set by the driver in advance, regardless of the route he is taking, uphill or downhill gradients, etc.
To provide this function, cruise control either increases engine power by itself or reduces the speed of the car. Unlike conventional cruise control, however, this system is able to reduce the speed of the car not only through the drag forces applied by the engine and by shifting back on cars with automatic transmission, but also by activating the brakes, thus consistently maintaining the speed of the car also on long downhill gradients or when towing a trailer.
A further important feature is that the system is able to reduce the speed of the car in bends to a level below the desired speed whenever required for reasons of driving dynamics. This effect is ensured by interaction with DSC Dynamic Stability Control incorporating sensors providing data on the car’s lateral acceleration and steering angle. If necessary, the speed of the car is even reduced to such an extent that lateral acceleration remains at a low and comfortable level, with the BMW 6 Series then re-accelerating at the end of a bend to the speed pre-set by the driver.
The driver operates cruise control by means of a lever on the steering column. Pulling or pressing this lever, he is able to select his current speed as the desired speed level and then vary such speed as he wishes. The desired speed currently set is presented by an illuminated marker in the speedometer.
All the driver has to do to deactivate the system is operate the control lever or press down the footbrake. And then he is able to re-activate the speed set previously by pressing the Resume button.
Last but not least, the driver also has the opportunity to use the control lever for accelerating or reducing the speed of the car, thus increasing or reducing road speed in two dynamic stages without even pressing down the accelerator pedal.


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