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6 Series Coupe and Cabrio Facelift - E63/E64 ( 2007 - ... ) - The 6 Series Convertible

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6 Series Coupe and Cabrio Facelift - E63/E64 ( 2007 - ... )
The early times for BMW Coupes
Design: Dynamics in Stylish Perfection
The 6 Series Convertible
Drivetrain: Superior Power, new Versatility
The 635d Straight-six Diesel
Effecient: Brake Energy Regeneration
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Active Steering and Dynamic Drive
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Classic roof, classic line: the BMW 6 Series Convertible.
One of the particular challenges in designing a convertible is to give the car a truly characteristic look borne out with the roof both open and closed.
And a further challenge on the BMW 6 Series was to convey the sleek, stretched and dynamic look of the Coupé particularly from the side to the open-air Convertible.
With the silhouette of the Coupé being characterised largely by the roof-line tapering out gently into the rear end of the car, the soft top of the Convertible boasts a similarly dynamic contour line ensured by the unique Finn look of the soft roof.
Yet a further point is that the wide C-pillar presents a design highlight typical of the BMW brand, the “Hofmeister kick”, that gentle counter-swing at the bottom of the rear side window surrounds also to be admired on the rear side windows of the Coupé.
The dimensions of the Convertible alone prove clearly how similar the exterior design of the car is to that of the Coupé: Measuring 4.82 metres (189.8´´  ) in length, 1.86 metres (73.2´´  ) in width, and 1.37 metres (53.9´´  ) in height, the Convertible boasts exactly the same dimensions as the Coupé.
The roof of the BMW 6 Series Convertible is made up of three layers, with a sound- and heat-absorbing layer of polyurethane foam (PUR) between the rubberised outer layer and the inner lining. And although the roof covers a large and extremely generous passenger compartment, it folds up into a compact package when opened, the vertical, upright rear window requiring virtually no stowage space by simply moving up and down electrically, regardless of whether the roof itself is open or closed. Another big advantage of this concept is the ample supply of fresh air.
A further point is that when driving with the roof down and with four occupants in the car the rear window moved up will reduce air swirl and draughts at the rear. Indeed, the vertical, upright roof also offers functional benefits in winter, with virtually no snow and ice being able to form on the window – especially as it is electrically heated.
The roof opens and closes electrically either by remote control or via a button in the instrument panel, and may be moved up and down also while driving at a speed of up to 30 km/h or 20 mph. Both processes – opening and closing the roof – take less than 25 seconds.


BMW 6 Series all the way: harmony of exterior and interior design.
Dynamism presented in style and elegance characterises not only the exterior design of the BMW 6 Series, but also the interior with that special design language that gives both the Coupé and Convertible their particular harmony. Accordingly, the exterior design of the car and the interior ambience come together to form one entity again perfectly reflecting the character of these two exceptional cars.
The philosophy of dynamic harmony in designing the interior has helped to create clear, flowing lines and dynamic, tense surfaces. Precisely this is why the sweeping inner panels of the car starting beneath the windscreen flow back on both sides in a dynamic curve leading into the door panels and surrounding the armrests. The driver and front passenger are both cocooned by this tense and highly appealing design, enjoying the sophisticated and elegant style of the interior also through appropriate looks and visual impressions.
The equally exciting contours of the centre console likewise create an impression of dynamism, the lines of the centre console originating in the dashboard, then extending diagonally around the armrest, and finally flowing all the way back to the rear seats. In a nutshell, therefore, the harmonious flair and impression of the interior results from the mutual interaction and support of surfaces and lines clearly related to one another.

Refinements in the quality of materials for even greater exclusivity.
Appropriate refinements in the quality of materials on specific controls and instruments as well as new colours for the interior trim and upholstery ensure an even higher standard of exclusivity within the new BMW 6 Series. Over and above the standard trim variant, optional interior trim featuring a fine longitudinal grain highlights the sophisticated style and flair of the interior even more than usual, offering either a more stylish and elegant or a more technical and progressive touch, whatever the customer prefers.
Optional, exclusive Pearl leather covering the armrests, the grab handles on the doors and the centre console is now also available in Chateau Red as well as a new Saddle Brown upholstery colour added to the range.
The use of a new material for the entertainment and air conditioning controls as well as the iDrive Controller likewise serves to visually refresh the interior of the car. Surfaces offering very good grip and a pleasant touch as well as BMW’s new Chrome Pearl Grey Design make the rotary knobs even more superior in their function and high-quality look.
This new, stylishly galvanised metal surface is also to be admired on the door openers, the gear selector lever cover, the surrounds on the fresh air vents, the bracket on the steering wheel, the trim bar on the ashtray, on the cupholders and the push button for the glove compartment.
In its design and styling, the iDrive Controller takes up the look of the new rotary knobs through the combination of leather and Chrome Pearl Grey, again enhancing the overall harmonious impression of the car. Yet a further point is that the hard ring of rubber around the Controller now facilitates precise control of the system to an even higher standard.


To ensure even better intuitive use of the iDrive Controller in the new BMW 6 Series, the system now comes with eight programmable favourite buttons. These buttons positioned in the centre console beneath the CD player enable the driver to individually save his personal settings and preferences, allowing rapid access to functions frequently used while driving. Pressing one single button, for example, the driver is able to call up a specific destination, his favourite radio station, or a telephone number he often requires.
Use of these favourite buttons is very simple: All the user has to do to save a specific function is press down the button somewhat longer, and then all he has to do to retrieve the function is press the same button only briefly.
Yet a further point is that the buttons are touch-sensitive, with the driver merely having to touch a button to see immediately in a pre-view what setting has been saved in the button before actually retrieving the function involved.

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