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6 Series Coupe and Cabrio Facelift - E63/E64 ( 2007 - ... ) - Design: Dynamics in Stylish Perfection

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6 Series Coupe and Cabrio Facelift - E63/E64 ( 2007 - ... )
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Design: Dynamics in Stylish Perfection
The 6 Series Convertible
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Design: Dynamics in Stylish Perfection.
• Prize-winning design reflecting the dynamism, elegance and progressiveness of the BMW 6 Series.
• Accentuations at the front, rear and the sides underlining the sporting character of both the Coupé and Convertible.
• Discreet refinements and fresh colours within the interior.

The body of the BMW 6 Series is characterised by one feature in particular: supreme sculptural design of the highest standard. In other words, both the Coupé and the Convertible are perfectly rounded off in their exterior look and appearance. This is ensured by unique design language giving both the car’s lines and surfaces carefully defined meaning and significance.
The uninterrupted flow of all characteristic lines on the BMW 6 Series, for example, generates a sleek, ongoing connection of the front, side and rear, all body elements coming together to form one harmonious balance. Generous, powerfully curved surfaces likewise convey a clear and smooth picture, precise and dynamic design symbolising sporting elegance of a particularly dynamic form from every angle and perspective. So the overall design of the car clearly and consistently reflects precisely those qualities which make the character of the BMW 6 Series so unique: supreme power and elegant luxury.
Creating the BMW 6 Series, BMW’s designers have entered new terrain, the authentic style of this two-door driving machine nevertheless providing its own distinctive effect. As in the past, the discerning motorist looking for a modern interpretation of classic Gran Turismo style combined with superior innovations in technology will find the fulfilment of his demands in the BMW 6 Series.
Through its aesthetic style and appearance, therefore, the BMW 6 Series Convertible has become the epitome of sporting and elegant motoring culture in the open air. And apart from outstanding success in the market, the clear judgment of the most renowned design experts has definitely confirmed BMW’s approach to unusual design and styling. As the final pinnacle within a whole series of awards and titles, the BMW 6 Series even won the Design Prize of the Federal Republic of Germany in the year 2006.
Now the new edition of the BMW 6 Series takes up this successful concept, aiming at an even higher level of perfection. In this process the design language of both the body and interior remains untouched in its beauty and appeal. Specific accentuation of various details nevertheless shows clearly that the designers sought to give the visual message of the car even greater clarity, appropriate refinement further underlining the sculptural character of the car’s design.
Particular emphasis is given above all to the sporting characteristics of both the Coupé and Convertible, modifications at the front, side and rear making the new BMW 6 Series an even more powerful and convincing performer on the road.


Seen from the front: powerful and wide, with a clear focus on the road.
The sporting and dynamic character of the BMW 6 Series comes out particularly at the front of the car. Above all, it is the striking lines extending from the A-pillars along the entire engine compartment lid to the BMW kidney grille and forming a dynamic arrow in the process also influencing the contours of the headlight units that characterise the BMW 6 Series in its dynamic look. Now the V-angle formed by the lines around the headlights is reflected even more distinctly by the bars in the lower air intake scoop – on the new BMW 6 Series these bars are chiselled even more clearly than before, forming yet another parallel to the powerful contours on the engine compartment lid.
The air intake itself is wider than on the former model and borders at the bottom on a light edge extending across the entire width of the car.
This powerfully accentuates both the foglamps moved further to the outside and the wide track of the BMW 6 Series.
Chrome elements on the two kidney units interacting with the direction indicator lights in the upper segment of the headlight units now positioned on the same level and modified in their design add yet a further elegant highlight from the front of the car.
The direction indicator lights now feature crystalline-looking LED units to generate their flashing signal, giving the headlights at the front end of the BMW 6 Series a clear focus through their striking contours, with the new lights technology adding further brilliance and clarity.
Yet a further point is that the dark trim strip offers a highly attractive contrast to the chrome-plated headlight surrounds. Featured as standard, the bi- xenon dual round headlights now stand out even more distinctly beneath a clear glass cover and can be admired also from the side, their corona rings offering BMW’s specific rendition of a daytime headlight function.

Stretched silhouette, powerfully chiselled side-sills.
With its long wheelbase and long engine compartment lid, the greenhouse moved far to the back, and the low-slung roof-line tapering gently to the rear, the BMW 6 Series boasts all the proportions of a classic coupé.
And thanks to the unique concept of its Finn roof, the BMW 6 Series Convertible likewise offers the same dynamic and sleek silhouette.
Generous surfaces everywhere symbolise power and solidity, both the Coupé and the Convertible standing out from the side through their sculptural shape and design. And even with the roof open on the Convertible, the overall impression of harmony is maintained by the front, rear and side-lines flowing smoothly into one another.
The light edge on the side-sill of the new BMW 6 Series is more distinctive and contoured than before, clearly demonstrating the extra volume of the side-sills and, accordingly, the sporting performance of the car.
Seen from the side, the light edges on the side-sills, the front and rear air dams running parallel to the road stand out even more clearly than before, emphasising the low-slung dimensions of the car’s silhouette. And together with the waist and shoulder lines running parallel to one another, the striking sill-lines again accentuate the dynamic and stretched look so characteristic of the BMW 6 Series.


Harmonious lines and clear structures also at the rear.
In modifying the rear end, BMW’s designers again focused on the concept of ongoing lines extending harmoniously around the entire car. In addition, a new luggage compartment lid highlights the sporting flair of the new 6 Series by giving even greater emphasis to the rear spoiler, which is why the surface beneath the spoiler lip comes with an even more concave structure.
In other words, it is no longer as steep as before, not only giving the car a more dynamic overall look, but also creating more distinctive light and shade contrasts and making the entire rear end look even lower.
The third brake light is now integrated in the spoiler lip on both the Coupé and the Convertible, the covers on the rear lights serving to optimise the car’s aerodynamics by improving the flow of air along the side through their surface structure.
All light sources at the rear are made up of LED units in a newly aligned structure behind clear glass emphasising the sophisticated technical character of the lights on the new BMW 6 Series.
Like the front of the car, the rear end of the BMW 6 Series is characterised by lines encompassing the entire body and extending to the back in a dynamic V-shaped arrow.
The rear section is additionally dominated by horizontal lines and light edges emphasising the wide track of the car, particular harmony being created on the new BMW 6 Series by the lines of the luggage compartment lid, the rear lid and reflectors. The line formed by the lower edge of the rear spoiler sweeps softly and gently down to the outside, where it is taken up by the outer contours of the rear light clusters, which themselves continue in a downward motion then sweeping to the inside, where the line of the rear lights is taken up again by the reflectors.
The lower contours of the reflectors extending to the middle of the car and further stretched out add further emphasis to the wide track of the car.
The cover on top of the towing hook is integrated discreetly in the cap on the reflector, while the two tailpipes on the exhaust system are now arranged in the middle beneath the reflectors themselves.
The harmonious lines of the car also at the rear are rounded off by the numberplate panel likewise arrowed to the bottom of the car and thus continuing the lines formed by the joints between the luggage compartment cover and rear light clusters. As a result, the entire rear view of the car is aligned even more to the road, enhancing the dynamic impression also from behind.
Three new sets of light-alloy rims offer additional options to round off the sporting elegance of the new BMW 6 Series, again catering for the customer’s personal preferences: Over and above the standard 17-inch light-alloy rims featured on the BMW 630i and the BMW 635d, as well as the 18-inch light-alloy rims on the BMW 650i, there is now a choice of no less than six different rim variants measuring 18 and 19 inches.
The range extends from wheels in discreet radial-spoke design through the ellipsoid styling so characteristic of the BMW 6 Series all the way to particularly sporting and dynamic star-spoke rims. And the wide range of non-metallic and metallic paintwork colours is now supplemented by two new colour options, Deep Sea Blue and Space Grey.

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