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6 Series Coupe and Cabrio Facelift - E63/E64 ( 2007 - ... ) - Features and Equipment

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6 Series Coupe and Cabrio Facelift - E63/E64 ( 2007 - ... )
The early times for BMW Coupes
Design: Dynamics in Stylish Perfection
The 6 Series Convertible
Drivetrain: Superior Power, new Versatility
The 635d Straight-six Diesel
Effecient: Brake Energy Regeneration
Chassis, Suspension, Driver and Safety
Active Steering and Dynamic Drive
Active Cruise Control and Lane Departure Warning
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Features and Equipment
Navigation, Sound and BMW Individual
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Features and Equipment: Exclusivity in its Most Modern Form.
• Exclusive options for greater driving pleasure and safety: Head-Up Display, High Beam Assist, BMW Night Vision.
• Adaptive Headlights with variable light distribution.
• Leather with SunReflective Technology on the BMW 6 Series Convertible.

As much as the BMW 6 Series, through its concept alone, is committed to heritage and tradition, the technical features of the car are clearly dedicated to modern style and progress. And indeed, this is no contradiction in terms, since the predecessors to both the Coupé and Convertible already pointed into the future in many ways.
Both the new BMW 6 Series Coupé and the new BMW 6 Series Convertible are therefore available with attractive features enhancing both suspension technology, driving assistance and comfort functions to an even higher standard – features exclusive to BMW in this exclusive segment. These are indeed innovations originally introduced only in the highest class of luxury performance motoring, for example in the BMW 7 Series and now also in the BMW 6 Series.
As a result, the BMW 6 Series ideally fulfils all the expectations made of a car in its class – particularly as the car connoisseur interested in a very dynamic Gran Turismo or an extremely sporting luxury Convertible will always be open to innovations in technology.
More performance, more safety, more comfort – through its wide range of standard features and numerous additional high-tech systems available as an option, the BMW 6 Series offers a particularly exclusive and thrilling rendition of sheer driving pleasure in its truest form. Hence, both the Coupé and Convertible are a perfect reflection of the innovative power of the BMW brand.


Perfect light, intelligently controlled.
Optimum visibility in all kinds of weather and under all light conditions is crucial to driving safety and motoring comfort – which is precisely why the BMW 6 Series comes as standard with bi-xenon headlights providing unparalleled illumination of the road ahead.
The dual round headlights feature corona rings conceived as daytime driving lights, these four striking light rings making both the Coupé and Convertible easy to recognise and identifiable at first sight as a BMW.
Innovative driver assistance systems also offer the opportunity to control the various light units with particular intelligence, and the new BMW 6 Series is available as an option with Adaptive Headlights ensuring supreme illumination of the road ahead following the bends in the road. In the process the headlights swivel from one side to the other in accordance with the position of the steering, as a function of the yaw rate and the road speed of the car.
Visibility is also optimised by variable light distribution also when driving in a straight line now introduced for the first time in the new BMW 6 Series: As a function of road speed, innovative control automatically enlarges the driver’s line of visibility by expanding the light beam, broader distribution of light when driving in town at speeds below 50 km/h facilitating the recognition of objects on the left side of the road. In the motorway or Autobahn lights mode, on the other hand, the driver’s line of vision is extended by increasing the range of the light beam and illuminating the left-hand side with greater intensity.
Activation of the foglamps at speeds of up to 70 km/h or 50 mph also ensures broader distribution of light and helps to brighten up the area directly in front of the car. At higher speeds, finally, the driver benefits not only from broader distribution of light, but also from the longer headlight range.
Featured as standard, automatic control of the driving lights makes motoring under changing conditions safer than ever before. This function incorporates two sensors in the windscreen, by means of which the car’s electronic “brain” monitors light conditions and switches on the low-beam headlights automatically whenever necessary, for example when driving through a tunnel or with dusk setting in.
The rain sensor also featured as standard is an ideal supplement to the driving lights sensor, automatically determining the onset and severity of precipitation by means of optical measurement. If necessary, this function activates the windscreen wipers whenever required and adjusts wiper frequency to the degree of precipitation at any given point in time.

Seeing more, recognising more: High Beam Assist, BMW Night Vision.
The new BMW 6 Series is the only car in its segment optionally available with High Beam Assist, a system automatically switching off the high beam as soon as oncoming traffic or vehicles ahead are in sight or if the road is sufficiently illuminated, for example in a built-up area.
The process of switching over from low to high beam is also fully automatic, with the system being controlled by a camera integrated in the interior mirror and monitoring both ambient brightness and the traffic around the car.
Available as an option, BMW Night Vision offers even greater safety when driving at night. The “heart” of this unique system is a thermal imagining camera able to detect human beings, animals and objects emitting heat up to a distance of 300 metres or almost 1,000 feet on and next to the road, then transmitting a high-contrast image to the Control Display also used by the navigation system. This warns the driver in good time of possible hazards the human eye would not be able to detect from that distance.


Perfect ergonomics: iDrive control system and Head-Up Display.
All essential functions required for control purposes are in ergonomically ideal arrangement on or around the steering wheel of the driver-oriented cockpit of the new BMW 6 Series. The controls for all functions also relevant to the front passenger are concentrated on and around the centre console, which also houses the iDrive Controller used for activating and masterminding the entertainment and air conditioning systems as well as the optional navigation and telecommunication functions on the Control Display.
Even more intuitive operation of these functions is ensured by means of the new, programmable favourite buttons beneath the CD player. In this case all the user has to do to save a specific function is press the button somewhat longer, then pressing the button briefly to retrieve the function he wishes to use. And since the buttons are touch-sensitive, the driver is able to see immediately when touching a button which setting has been saved in each case.
The rotary knobs on the automatic air conditioning control unit with its extended functions also comes with additional buttons providing direct access to automatic programs for air distribution and air conditioning. So all the driver or front passenger has to do is touch the appropriate buttons, thus obtaining a graphic presentation of the current status of air conditioning on the Control Display.
As an option both the BMW 6 Series Coupé and the BMW 6 Series Convertible are available with a Head-Up Display projecting information relevant to the driver such as his road speed or navigation data directly into his line of vision at a particularly convenient ergonomic point right in front on the windscreen.
All the driver has to do in advance is specify by way of iDrive which information he would like to have, saving personal settings such as the brilliance of the presentation in the Key/Car Memory, the brightness of the data actually shown being automatically adjusted to ambient light conditions.
The Head-Up Display enhances driving safety by enabling the driver to take up important information without taking his eyes off the road. This makes the process of driving the car less tiring, since the driver is required far less frequently to change the focus of his eyes.

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