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5 Series Sedan - E60 (2004 - 2007) - Comfort and safety

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5 Series Sedan - E60 (2004 - 2007)
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Comfort and safety
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Comfort and safety:
Safety and comfort are not mutually exclusive.
In the new 5 Series, occupants travel in a cabin of outstanding design while bathed in comfort.
But they also know that, should the unthinkable happen, they would be protected by a car equipped with class-leading crash protection.

The new 5 Series offers a total of four different seating options, including Comfort Seat, a fully electric seat with passenger memory, lumbar support for driver and passenger and back width adjustment.
The Comfort Seat also comes with an Active Headrest.
This moves forward in the event of an impact, minimising the effect of whiplash and helping to prevent spinal injury.

Passive safety throughout the 5 Series is coordinated by BMW's Active Safety Electronics ( ASE) system.
This features a central safety module, linked to satellite sensors located around the vehicle.
In the event of an impact ASE deploys the most appropriate airbag (of the six standard bags), but also deactivates the electric fuel pump and alternator and battery, and activates the hazard-warning lights if necessary.

Five star design:
Sporting, refined and powerful are three adjectives more normally used to describe a BMW chassis and power train.
But they are equally applicable to the design of the new 5 Series.

Although all the design cues are clearly BMW, the new model is distinctively different to its predecessor, all other BMW models and, importantly, to its competitors.
This unique design language shows that BMW wants to escape from the 'Russian doll' school of design (small, larger and larger still but from the same mould) and offer distinctive and individual cars.

Striking twin headlamp clusters, light and shadow moving across subtle convex and concave panels and a powerful rear end suggest a modern design classic.
But though modern, the new 5 Series includes many familiar BMW design cues, like the redesigned double kidney grille and the familiar C-pillar Hofmeister kink.

Inside, the 5 Series is a triumph of ergonomics, clarity and space.
The interior presents an ambience of calm, encouraged by wave effects across dashboard and door panels, as well as a series of complementary interior colours, materials and innovative lighting effects.
All constructed to BMW's legendary build quality.

Driver and front passenger benefit from an innovative control layout including a revised iDrive concept and careful separation of driving and comfort functions.
Rear seat passengers enjoy more room thanks to a longer wheelbase than its predecessor, while boot space is significantly enlarged with easier access thanks to a broader loading aperture.

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