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5 Series Sedan - E60 (2004 - 2007) - Weight and Innovation

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5 Series Sedan - E60 (2004 - 2007)
Weight and Innovation
Comfort and safety
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Aluminium for light weight and poised handling:
BMW is at the forefront of lightweight construction technology.
So it comes as no surprise that the new 5 Series features a body combining both steel and aluminium, as well as an all-aluminium chassis and suspension.

The body has supreme torsional stiffness, with special side-on crash reinforcements, and absorbing elements in the front, door and rear panels.
Energy absorbing areas at the rear and in the front and rear bumpers complete the picture of a super safe passenger cell.

The all-aluminium chassis comes with a number of design enhancements including wider front and rear tracks and a longer wheelbase.
The result is improved driving dynamics, better fuel consumption and near perfect 50:50 axle load distribution - the 520i SE actually achieves perfect 50:50.
Significant weight reduction also provides unprecedented suspension and damping comfort.

High performance brakes allied to aluminium swing-callipers maximise agility and safety on the road.
Rack and pinion steering, with a lightweight hydraulic rack ensures a smooth steering response even without the 'world first' Active Steering or optional Servotronic assistance.

BMW has long been an innovator, bringing the very latest technology to its cars to improve safety, performance and comfort.
The new 5 Series does not disappoint, playing host to a range of features designed to enhance the driving experience.

Innovations include Active Steering, a revolutionary system that offers drivers extra steering assistance at low speed.
An electric motor increases or decreases the steering ratio, which varies the degree of driver input at the steering wheel.
At low speed just three quarters of a turn on the steering wheel moves the vehicle's front wheels from centre-to-full lock, obviating the need to cross hands or shuffle the wheel during low-speed parking manoeuvres, or when driving around town.

The second-generation iDrive concept makes its debut on the 5 Series too.
Featuring a controller within easy reach of both driver and passenger, and colour display screen housed in its own dashboard cowl at eye height, iDrive is used to access many of the communication, entertainment, comfort and navigation settings.
The system has been improved, with colour coded options and four 'access zones' instead of the eight from the original.
All functions are accessed through a series of straightforward, slide, turn and push actions with the controller.

Dynamic Drive is a suspension control system that minimises body sway in bends.
Using active anti-roll bars hydraulic pressure is converted into torsional strength, absorbing up to 80 per cent of lateral forces of up to 0.6 g.
The result? Unprecedented passenger comfort even when cornering hard.

Taking the technology of the airliner and applying it to the 5 Series brings Head-up Display, an option arriving in April 2004.
This system assists the driver and aids safety by projecting information onto the windscreen via a series of mirrors.
As well as navigation directions, speed and cruise control display, Head-up Display includes Check Control messages warning of safety-related issues such as 'door open'.

Adaptive Headlights are an important safety innovation to improve road illumination by swivelling the headlamps by up to 15 degrees.
Visibility is improved because the lights shine in the direction the steering is directing the car rather than where the car is pointing.
The result is that drivers are able to 'see' round corners as more of the road, and potential hazards, are lit.

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