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3 Series - E92 Coupe (2006 - ...) - The world of BMW coupes

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3 Series - E92 Coupe (2006 - ...)
Powerful design
Straight-six power units
Chassis and suspension
Ultra-modern body structure
Individual and exclusive equipment
The world of BMW coupes
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The world of the BMW Coupés: combining tradition and new values.
The mission to develop a coupé has always been a particularly demanding but interesting and tempting challenge for the engineer in the car industry. After all, the driver opting for a coupé is a truly discerning individualist looking for enhanced driving pleasure. And it is precisely with this in mind that BMW has succeeded time and again over the years in meeting the great demands made of a coupé and at the same time consistently pushing up the benchmark in this segment.

The coupé has a long tradition at BMW: Even back in the 1930s, the BMW 327 was lauded as a truly outstanding two-seater and remains a legend to this day. And even back then, the coupé was widely appreciated as a particularly sporting grand tourer with two doors and a fixed roof.

These fundamental features remain virtually unchanged to the present day: The lines typical of a coupé combine a long and sleek front section with a dynamic roof line tapering out gently to the rear. And unlike a thoroughbred sports car, the typical coupé offers ample space for more than just two occupants, a separate luggage compartment providing room for ample luggage.

While the word “coupé”, in its original meaning, quite literally meant a car body “cut off” at the rear, the actual significance of a coupé, especially in this day and age, goes much further: The ideal coupé is a very personal car tailored to the mobile individualist – and precisely this standard is reflected and upheld in full by the new BMW 3 Series Coupé. For through the diversity of exterior colours, interior features and upholstery, BMW’s new 3 Series Coupé offers the truly discerning customer no less than 1,176 different combinations.

A further point is that the new BMW 3 Series Coupé takes up proven traditions also in terms of drive technology: Developing a coupé, BMW always seeks to enter new dimensions in driving dynamics. This is precisely why particularly powerful engines and new chassis control systems regularly make their debut in a coupé. And now the new BMW 3 Series Coupé is continuing this strategy with BMW’s new biturbo straight-six featuring high-precision fuel injection and thus offering a particularly impressive step into the future.

As a modern interpretation of a traditional car concept, the new BMW 3 Series Coupé is one thing in particular: a very special car. Even more than its predecessor, the new 3 Series Coupé stands out through its distinctive design from its Saloon counterpart, enabling the driver even more than before to enter the highest realms of driving dynamics. And in the process the new BMW 3 Series Coupé ensures a particularly refined combination of active driving pleasure and optical qualities, clearly ranking alone in its market segment.

The new BMW 3 Series Coupé is conceived and built for the genuine individualist with particularly demanding standards also of the car of his – or her – choice. Qualities based not only on short-lived and superficial pleasure, but rather on lasting values, thus contribute to the outstanding experience of sheer driving pleasure offered by the new Coupé. And the discerning motorist particularly appreciative of the good looks of the new BMW 3 Series Coupé can be sure to feel this satisfaction and superiority even after many years. 

The interior of the car designed for superior comfort and pleasant handling will likewise maintain this inviting character for many years thanks to its high-quality finish alone. And at the same time this regular enjoyment of a dynamic driving experience goes hand-in-hand with the very pleasant feeling of ample safety reserves even in a difficult situation.

Last but not least, the new BMW 3 Series Coupé does not in any way curtail the pleasure of dynamic performance by a higher level of fuel consumption. On the contrary – this beautiful two-door sports coupé is a particularly fascinating example of efficient dynamics BMW style.

Benefiting from all these features, the new BMW 3 Series Coupé can really be regarded as an uncompromising driving machine in every sense of the word: The new BMW 3 Series Coupé does not make any of the concessions found so often on cars similar in appeal, performance and dynamism. Instead, the new Coupé will fascinate the driver and his passengers through supreme agility, pampering all the occupants with lots of space and comfort including a luggage compartment of exceptional size for a car of this kind.

Superior long-distance driving qualities make the travelling experience a genuine pleasure, with every manoeuvre offering a wonderful feeling of supremacy. And with its powerful drivetrain, the new BMW 3 Series Coupé leaves a lasting impression also on the race track, just as it looks equally good when returning to everyday motoring in town where the new Coupé will attract looks of attention and admiration everywhere through its straightforward design free of any pretentious, “loud” would-be eye catchers. Indeed, this refined combination of elegance and dynamism is truly unique, appealing in particular to the motorist who, in choosing the new BMW 3 Series Coupé, will be thrilled both by the car’s attractive looks and its convincing technical arguments.


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