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3 Series - E92 Coupe (2006 - ...) - Chassis and suspension

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3 Series - E92 Coupe (2006 - ...)
Powerful design
Straight-six power units
Chassis and suspension
Ultra-modern body structure
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Chassis and suspension: where power becomes performance.
The fascinating supremacy of the new BMW 3 Series Coupé is based on the car’s ability to combine truly outstanding engine and performance data with an equally exclusive and elegant look at all times. And the objective set by BMW’s engineers in choosing the right chassis configuration again reflects this demanding standard, the agility offered by the new BMW 3 Series Coupé being quite unique even in this high-class segment.

This agility is enhanced to an even higher standard in the new 3 Series Coupé through the combination of the car’s significantly enhanced dynamic potential, on the one hand, with the most sophisticated chassis control and the assistance systems, on the other, efficiently providing for any situation in which the car might reach the limits to driving physics. In other words, the driver and passengers in a BMW 3 Series Coupé enjoy superior safety at all speeds.

Rear-wheel drive and a 50 : 50 front-to-rear weight distribution give the new BMW 3 Series Coupé ideal qualities for optimum driving dynamics at all times. This is also borne out by the high-tech suspension perfectly converting the power and performance of the engine into sheer driving pleasure on the road. Indeed, boasting a double-joint tiebar front axle with spring struts made almost entirely of aluminium in combination with a five-arm axle at the rear, the new BMW 3 Series Coupé has the currently most advanced and sophisticated wheel suspension in its class.

Reinforcement and support elements on the underfloor of the car serve to optimise the all-round stiffness of the body, interacting with the low centre of gravity and the specific set-up of the dampers to enhance the active driving character of the new Coupé.

Extra-precise rack-and-pinion steering absolutely free of any drive forces thanks to the transmission of power to the rear wheels ensures a high standard of directional stability and exact feedback on road conditions. This standard is enhanced to an even higher level by BMW’s innovative Active Steering specially tailored to the new 3 Series Coupé and available as an optional extra. Adjusting the steering transmission ratio, steering angle and power assistance to the speed of the car, Active Steering enables the driver to manoeuvre his BMW 3 Series Coupé with minimum effort when parking and keep the car precisely on track at high and very high speeds.

The high-performance brake system requiring 17-inch wheels to match the larger diameter of the brake discs ensures outstanding stopping power and deceleration with virtually no fading. Brake performance is further enhanced by the innovative functions of BMW’s DSC Dynamic Stability Control of the latest generation serving on the new 3 Series Coupé not only to mastermind ABS brake functions and ensure superior stability on surfaces with inadequate wheel grip by applying the brakes individually on the respective wheels, but also to perform new, additional functions: As an example, DSC now sets off even the slightest brake fading effect even at extremely high brake temperatures by increasing brake pressure according to current requirements. This ensures maximum brake power even under the toughest conditions, without requiring the driver to exert any higher pressure on the brake pedal or press down the pedal any further.

Pre-loading of the brake pads enhances brake standby in situations potentially requiring spontaneous, all-out deceleration. Regular Dry Braking, in turn, optimises brake performance in the wet, while DBC Dynamic Brake Control automatically maximises brake pressure whenever required.

The Soft Stop function brings the car smoothly to a halt when slowing down without the usual, final “jolt” when coming to a standstill, and the Start-Off Assistant prevents the car when setting off on an uphill gradient.

Yet another highlight of DSC Dynamic Stability Control is BMW’s CBC Cornering Brake Control preventing the car from oversteering when applying the brakes slightly in a bend.

Interacting with Active Steering, finally, DSC keeps the car stable and well under control also when applying the brakes on surfaces varying in their frictional coefficient. So wherever the driver was formerly required to intervene manually, DSC now corrects the steering quickly and precisely for optimum control. And last but certainly not least, BMW is the world’s first car maker to equip its cars with a continuous, ongoing brake pad wear indicator informing the driver of the current condition of the brake pads at all times.

Fully integrated ASC Automatic Stability Control optimises the car’s traction by controlling dry slip on rough, loose surfaces through application of the brakes on the drive wheels whenever necessary. Activation of DTC Dynamic Traction Control, in turn, raises the thresholds for intervention by the brakes, enabling the driver of a BMW 3 Series Coupé to set off smoothly on, say, loose snow with the drive wheels intentionally slightly spinning. A further benefit of DTC is that it promotes a sporting and active style of motoring by allowing slight, easily controllable slip on the drive wheels also on a dry surface, once activated. This enables the sporting and ambitious driver to enjoy all the benefits of a controlled drift in fast and sporting bends.

The final but equally important point is that the driver also has the option to completely deactive DSC in the new BMW 3 Series Coupé whenever he wishes.

BMW’s intelligent xDrive all-wheel-drive system available as an alternative to rear-wheel drive ensures a particularly experience in traction. Acknowledged as the most sophisticated system of all-wheel drive quite unique in its enhancement of driving dynamics, BMW xDrive gives the new 3 Series Coupé superior driving haracteristics not only on difficult surfaces. Acting as the perfect partner for the car’s agility and superior performance, xDrive spreads out engine power variably on all four wheels, ensuring an even more sporting and active style of motoring. And now BMW xDrive guarantees even more precise and spontaneous reaction to changing driving conditions in the new Coupé, with the DSC and xDrive control units being networked with one another in a new, unprecedented concept. This ensures perfect distribution of engine power to all four wheels for maximum traction and drive force even in particularly dynamic bends and in fast steering or acceleration manoeuvres.

The new BMW 3 Series Coupé comes as standard on light-alloy rims combined with 225/45 R 17 tyres. Featuring the most advanced failsafe running qualities, these tyres allow the driver to continue for up to 250 kilometres or more than 150 miles even under complete loss of pressure. A further point is that tyre pressure is monitored permanently by TPC Tyre Pressure Control warning the driver as soon as pressure drops more than 30 per cent below the ideal level.


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