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1 Series - E82 Coupe (2007 - ...)

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1 Series - E82 Coupe (2007 - ...)
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From Efficiency to Pure Driving Pleasure: The new BMW 1 Series Coupé.
Source: BMW Group

The new BMW 1 Series Coupé concentrates on one feature in particular: pure driving pleasure. Indeed, this compact two-door with its muscular design enhances and expands the very successful BMW 1 Series to an even higher level than ever before.
Featuring high-performance gasoline and diesel engines, offering agile handling and standing out through challenging, dynamic design, this new performance model simply begs the enthusiast to enjoy the sporting moments in everyday traffic. Conceived as a 2+2-seater with its luggage compartment separated from the passenger compartment and with the rear-seat backrest offering a 60 : 40 split as standard, the BMW 1 Series Coupé also ensures a high level of all-round function and practical value right from the start.


The focus on this model is however clearly on Sheer Driving Pleasure BMW-style. For the BMW 1 Series Coupé clearly proves what kind of driving pleasure you can enjoy in a compact car, especially when combined with truly outstanding efficiency.
This supremacy is borne out in particular by the BMW 135i Coupé offering a unique standard of power and performance in the compact class: This top-of-the-range model recognisable from outside through the slightly modified M Aerodynamics Package featured as standard and the additional spoiler lip (gurney) at the rear is powered by BMW’s 3.0-litre straight-six featuring Twin Turbo technology and second-generation direct gasoline injection (High Precision Injection). Maximum output of 225 kW/306 hp and peak torque of 400 Newton-metres/295 lb-ft clearly offers everything it takes to set new standards in driving dynamics.
The permanent availability of supreme power provided by the turbocharged power unit already lauded in two individual categories and in the overall rating as the Engine of the Year 2007 represents sheer driving pleasure typical of BMW in every respect. And at the same time the sporting potential of the BMW 135i Coupé comes in an impressive balance with the car’s all-round economy: Easily standing up to competitors in higher market segments also in terms of performance, this two-door athlete accelerates to 100 km/h in just 5.3 seconds, while at the same time limiting its average fuel consumption in the EU test cycle to a mere 9.2 litres/100 kilometres equal to 30.7 mpg imp.
The BMW 123d Coupé offers a new dimension of efficient dynamics, at the same time presenting a new 2.0-litre four-cylinder diesel with Variable Twin Turbo technology and common rail fuel injection making its world debut. Maximum output of this all-aluminium power unit is 150 kW/204 hp, enough for truly outstanding performance expressed, inter alia, by acceleration to 100 km/h in 7.0 seconds. And with average fuel consumption of just 5.2 litres/100 kilometres or 54.3 mpg imp in the EU test cycle, combined with a CO2 emission rating of 138 grams per kilometre, the BMW 123d Coupé ranks right at the top in its performance class.
These outstanding achievements are ensured not only by the efficiency of the new power unit, but also by a wide range of new features now offered as standard in optimising the energy management of the entire car. Again, these features are the result of the BMW EfficientDynamics development strategy applied consistently to all models and new engine variants in combining higher power with a significant reduction of both fuel consumption and emissions.
The two top engines come together with another diesel standing out as the most economic variant in BMW’s new sporting two-door model, the BMW 120d Coupé rounding off the model range right from the start. Developing maximum output of 130 kW/177 hp, this four-cylinder diesel consumes just 4.8 litres/100 kilometres (equal to 58.8 mpg imp) and reduces CO2 emissions to a mere 128 grams/kilometre, setting the benchmark in this class in terms of both efficiency and CO2 emission management.


BMW 1 Series Coupé: Continuing on the path of the BMW 02 with maximum efficiency and agility.
Introducing the BMW 1 Series now also available as a five- and three-door hatchback saloon, BMW has successfully rounded off its model range at the lower end of the market, at the same time enriching the compact segment through the introduction of the first and to this day only rear-wheel-drive model in its class.
Now the BMW 1 Series Coupé offers an even clearer and more dedicated pledge to sporting performance through supreme agility and handling at all times. The benefits of compact dimensions and low weight are used here consistently to optimise the car’s driving dynamics, with the new model offering perfect qualities to combine superior driving dynamics with maximum efficiency.
This is not the first time that BMW is setting the standard in driving pleasure in the process of entering a smaller model segment. On the contrary – the BMW 02 Series launched in 1966 is acknowledged to this day as the forerunner for driving dynamics and agility. Rear-wheel drive, powerful engines and space for four – these were the elementary features of this model series so successful for 12 long years.
The design of the car was characterised by dynamic proportions with a short body overhang at the front, a striking shoulder line, a long engine compartment lid and long wheelbase – styling features which, in modern interpretation, also give the BMW 1 Series Coupé a unique look with unique class.
Another exciting feature shared by both models is that the very special BMW 2002 Turbo ranking at the time even higher than the top model in the BMW 02 Series – the BMW 2002 – stood out even back then as a very special variant with thrilling performance quite unbeatable also on the race track. And today the BMW 135i Coupé with its 225 kW/306 hp Twin Turbo power unit offers an up-to-date interpretation of this concept in an entirely new class.


Entering the US market: the BMW 1 Series continues its global success.
With the BMW 1 Series Coupé entering the market, the BMW 1 Series as such is now set to make its debut in the USA as the entry-level model leading into the BMW range. Indeed, the launch of the BMW 135i Coupé will give the concept of sporting driving pleasure in a compact car its ultimate breakthrough also in the US market, the BMW 1 Series thus continuing its worldwide story of success. And at the same time the debut of the BMW 1 Series in the USA is significantly expanding BMW’s presence in the international market.

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